Short Biography

Ant Scott (UK, 1971 –) was a glitch artist who in 2001 coined the term "Glitch Art", created the first website devoted to visual glitches [1], and presented at the first international glitch-themed conference, held in Oslo the following year [2]. He co-authored Glitch: Designing Imperfection, the first mainstream published book on glitch aesthetics [3].

[1] (2001 –)

[2] Glitch Festival and Symposium, Oslo (11–13 January 2002).
Curated by Per Platou and Amanda Steggell.

[3] Mark Batty Publisher, New York.


08 JUN - 28 JUL 2013; Glitch Moment/ums; Furtherfield Gallery; London
22 FEB 2013; Screening of untitled; Vector: Game + Art Convergence; Toronto
11-12 NOV 2011; GLI.TC/H Amsterdam
03-06 NOV 2011; GLI.TC/H Chicago
02-07 NOV 2010; Smart Mistakes; Share Festival; Italy
29 SEP - 3 OCT 2010; GLI.TC/H; Chicago. [image]
16 MAY - 7 JUN 2009; Glitch Art joint exhibition; Karlshamns Konsthall, Sweden [images]
10 MAR 2006; Gallery1F exhibition; Format Fetish
DEC 2005 - JAN 2006; Glitch Browser; Installation, collaboration with Dimitre Lima, Iman Moradi; New Langton Arts, San Francisco
09 NOV 2005; Online retrospective exhibition; Digital Detritus; VAGUE TERRAIN 1.0; Toronto
07 MAY 2005; Glitch:Aesthetics exhibition; Dean Clough Gallery; Halifax, UK
OCT 2004; Glitch entropy net art; collaboration with Manuel Razzari
30 APR - 30 MAY 2004; Joint exhibition; The Arches Theatre Glasgow, UK; curated by Machinista 2004


FEB 2013; MPDVision AW 14/15; Skyscraper #04 in article Digi-Punk on fashion trends
FEB 2012: The Distorted Truth in Glitch; author Robert Urquart; Stylus
NOV 2011; Image in The Glitch Moment(um); Rosa Menkman
OCT 2011; Cover art for Noise Channels: Glitch and Error in Digital Cultures by Peter Krapp; University of Minnesota Press
APR 2011; Image in article by Jeff Donaldson for ArtPulse Magazine
NOV 2009; Interview by Greg J. Smith; Serial Consign
OCT 2009; Frontis image from Repetitive Beats; Vague Terrain; .microsound issue
OCT 2009; Image and text, Pitch on Glitch; Amusement magazine No. 6; [French]
SEP 2009; GLITCH: Designing Imperfection (Hardback) Concept, Editor, Curator. Mark Batty Publisher, NY
FEB 2009; O.K. Periodicals magazine Issue 2: Failure
JAN 2009; EASI magazine (Portugese)
JUL 2008; Interview by Miguel Leal; vector e-zine: #06 Errors and Glitches
MAR 2008; Elle Decor magazine (Italian)
2007; "Primitive Operation" print as background prop in Glitch; Sync Picture Films; dir. Trevor Fernando
DEC 2007; neural magazine, Issue 28 - Data Error
MAR 2007; Computer Music magazine
JAN 2007; Image BX-413 in Swarm Forms: On Platforms and Creativity; Olga Goriunova; pub. Mute vol.2 no.4
NOV 2004; Interview and essay by Jonas Downey; Glitch Art; University of Illinois
JUL 2004; Interview by Martin Wisniowski of
JUN 2003; SALON-MAGAZINE v3.0 book+DVD; Soni+Glitch; interview [Japanese/English]


06 MAY 2006; Brighton Festival; Underclear at B.A.G., live visuals with Voltek
27 AUG 2005; VJ set with U-Sun + Slow Sound System (DJ); Foundry, London
23 OCT 2004; NEW BLEEP 8; Visuals for Florian Hecker (Mego); George Tavern, London
26 MAR 2004; Bitsplitters; 291 Gallery London
06 MAR 2004; Ether 2004; co-vj with New Bleep Collective; DJ: Mira Calix (Warp); Royal Festival Hall, London
25 OCT 2003; NEW BLEEP 7; visuals; London
08 AUG 2003; NEW BLEEP 6; visuals for Russell Haswell; 291 Gallery; London
06 JUN 2003; NEW BLEEP 5; visuals; 291 Gallery; London
20 MAR 2003; Suppose; visuals; Computational Artforms; Maze, Nottingham
8 MAR 2003; Warp Records vs London Sinfonietta; Ether Festival; video; Royal Festival Hall, London
JAN 2003; Plug and Play;; visuals for Cedric Pin; Public Life, London
DEC 2002; Plug and Play;; Public Life, London
DEC 2002; Goldfish; video; London
NOV 2002; Interplay Festival - Berlin/London collaboration with Jan Jelinek; Spitz, London
18 APR 2002; Sprawl; Collaboration with Kim Cascone; video; visuals; Global Cafe, London


01 APR 2008; Future Karaoke; Gramophone Bar, London; [image]
30-31 MAY 2003; READ_ME 2.3; Software Art Festival; talk + visuals; Helsinki
11-13 JAN 2002; Glitch Festival and Symposium; Motherboard; Oslo Art Academy, Norway

Kenneth Knowlton invented the BEFLIX programming language at Bell Labs in 1963. He kindly granted me permission to use the domain beflix for this site.